Informatics Lab A year on…

The Informatics Lab creates prototypes quickly by mixing disciplines, sharing knowledge and enabling access to Met Office data. This allows us to learn lessons for the organisation.

From one-day hacks to week-long intense sprints and longer larger projects, we have completed a lot of projects in our first year. Here are our favourite five…



4D Weather Visualisation

We created new exciting weather visualisations by developing cutting-edge browser technology. This project is currently on the short-list for the 'Innovation in Technology' Real IT Award.

We also ran idea generation sessions at MozSpace, tested with the public at the RAMM Exeter, led discussions at MozFest 2015 and wrote an in-depth report about it.

Our work visualising big data in the browser is helping to create better products for our aviation customers.



Cloud Computing

We were invited to contribute to a book on Cloud Computing based on our exploration of software in the cloud, Docker and containers. We have also been praised in a government review on big data analysis.

We worked with our Platforms Team to introduce Docker, which could help to increase the efficiency of our servers from 25% to 90%.



Virtual Reality

We have been exploring gaming technologies, creating mobile controllers and developing visualisations for virtual reality. We collaborated with Young Rewired State to run a hackathon as part of London Design Week.

Together with Opposable Games we have been helping gaming communities exploit and use our datasets.



Artificial Intelligence

We are exploring how people can make better decisions using our data through Natural Language Processing and Automated Bots.



Side projects

By working on side-projects, we are developing new connections and supporting innovation and creativity at the Met Office

Raspberry Pi Docker cluster
Two EU project proposals
3D printing
Endless VIP visits
Tens of talks and conferences
Tens of blogs
Eight students
Contributed to three.js
Kaleider Residents
One local MP visit
Augmented reality sandpit
NASA Space Apps Challenge
Two babies
One wedding
One Rhino
One superhero
Contributed to GOV.UK
One hologram
Two robots
Maze generator

What’s next?

We will continue building networks and helping individuals and organisations easily exploit our data and science.

Also, we are hosting the Graphical Web 2016. See you there!