Is the sky the same for everybody?

Everybody interprets weather in a different way. A sunny day can be different from one person to another. Look at the pictures below.

partly cloudy day
We agree, this one is a partly cloudy day …

sunny day
… and that one a sunny day. No doubt.

sunny or cloudy day 1
But here, people can hesitate … and disagree with the forecaster.

snowy day
It is sunny here. However the snow is the main fact to choose what you are going to do for the day.

That’s why we are developing a new mobile phone application to explore this challenge.
The user is going to be able to teach to the app what is a cloudy sky for them, a sunny sky or even a snowy sky: it is going to be YOUR Sky. Each day, you will choose what you think is the most relevant icon to describe the actual weather.

What is next?

We would like to ask these same questions for the temperature. Is a cold day less than 4, 8 or 12 Celsius degrees Celsius? It depends on the person. That’s why the Lab is going to let potential users test the app. This survey, which could be done with the University of Exeter’s students, will improve MySky’s services.
We are planning for the app to be able to provide you an appropriate and personal forecast.

Soon on the AppStore!