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The Lab is an innovative R&D team part of the Met Office. It combines scientists, technologists and designers to make environmental science and data useful. Thanks to this joined-up structure, the mix of skills and the sharing of knowledge provide disruptive solutions.

But let’s speak about my personal experience. If you are expecting to have your own office as I was, it’s not going to happen… and that’s a good thing!! In the Lab, everybody is working in the same room. There is only one big table as in this kind of office called hackspace. It will foster more dialogue and ideas sharing.

The layout in the Lab

Your shared desk in your shared office.

You have to be ready for this way of working. To be open-minded is essential! Can you cook? Your answer cannot be negative! Of course you can, you just have to learn how to, find good recipes, ingredients and a kitchen but obviously, YOU, as a human being can!

It’s exactly the same in the Lab. For instance, designers are learning how to code. And it was the case for me when I arrived. I literally jumped into JavaScript, GitHub and stackoverflow. And I learned from there. JavaScript has been an amazing ingredient for the recipes I was working on.

Why you should join the Lab?

As an intern, I discoverd an open-source and collaborative way of working. Using GitHub for IT project is a great way to handle versioning problem and to share knowledge.

In the Informatics Lab, you find all the advantage of a startup:

Also, because you are part of a bigger organisation, the Met Office, you enjoy other amazing advantages:

In a nutshell, in the Lab, you have all the good points of both Startups and Big companies without the drawbacks! What are you waiting for!

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