A New Way to Use Weather

We’ve spend the last couple of months working on some demos of how users could make better use of our weather data via natural language interfaces.

Here are the key things we’ve achieved:

  1. A system for recommending what recreational activity to do when and where. It makes these decisions by combining the user’s weather preferences with the Met Office forecast.

  2. A Python framework for interrogative natural language interactions: if the user hasn’t given the right information, then the code knows how to ask. For example, in the demo, Alexa asks, “Where do you want to do that?” when the locations is unspecified.

  3. Multiple suggestions - if the first suggestion isn’t to your liking, you can ask for the next best one.

  4. Alexa can read the Shipping Forecast (if you don’t know what that is, then just ask a British friend).

We reckon in two or three years time, getting help making decisions like this could be common place, not only at home, but in your car, on the move, and at work.